Welcome to Section 9 of the Big House

For quite a while now I’ve considered writing my own Blog on Michigan Football as I see it from my seat in The Big House, or my couch at home as it may be.   Generally my view is from Section 9, row 16, seat 19 on any given home football Saturday.  My view on Michgan football is that of a fan, watching the game.  I have my own opinions and thoughts, which I hope to share here for your amusement and edification.  I’m not a big recruiting person, and you’ll very rarely find me bashing the team, the coaching staff, or the opponents.  Referees however may be fair game.  :)

I’m not a professional writer or journalist by any stretch.  I have decided to write here as a hobby sharing my technical (geek) side with my sports (fantatic) side. 

Read my opinions, share your thoughts.  It’s all part of the fun!  I’m looking forward to sharing my time with you!


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